Saturday, March 28, 2009

Game time

I have some free time for the first time in a long time and I might play some Resident Evil 4. Actually it's Biohazard 4, but the voices are still in English for some reason. And yes, it's 4, not 5, I'm not all up to date on my gaming.

Sunday, March 22, 2009


Chantelise is an incredible free 3D action RPG similar to Zelda sadly there is no English patch for it that I'm aware of, but the game isn't too hard to figure out. The boss music is actually my ring tone right now, I like it because it starts so abruptly.

Cave Story

If you're a fan of old Nintendo action/exploration games like Metroid, you MUST play Cave Story. I love the soundtrack, I listen to both the original and the remixed soundtrack a lot.


Aquaria is a really sweet action/exploration game, the demo is free, but kinda short, so I bought the full version for $30. I love the soundtrack and the main character's British voice. The storyline is kinda mysterious and interesting. And the bosses are pretty challenging. Figuring out where to go next can sometimes be a pain though, I had to look at the forums for help a lot. Actually I haven't finished it, I'm pretty close to the end though.

Other Indie and Doujin games

Some others I've played and liked are Ikachan (swimming squid action!) TetraBash (short 2D platformer) Obake (Kirby style) Rosenkreuz Stilette (Megaman Style) Megamari (older Megaman Style) Within a Deep Forest (ball rolling puzzle exploration) I Wanna Be The Guy (most frustrating side scroller ever!) Sunset over Imdahl (short time traveling puzzle RPG).

And of course there are some good flash games. and Nanaca Crash. Anyone know any other good ones?


This is one my favorite games ever, it's so simple and fun, but it's mostly fun to play with a friend.

Tokio Hotel

This is the coolest band I've found in a long time. I just read about them on wikipedia, take a look. I didn't realize Bill, the lead singer, and Tom, the guitarist, were identical twins. I wish I could sing as high as Bill, I have to sing along an octave lower. I've listened to these songs over and over, it's so fun to sing along in German. At first I didn't like their English songs, but the English versions are also pretty good.

I need to start using this blog again

I've been so busy with just... life in general, lol. And also studying Japanese all the time and posting on my other blog, So I haven't really done anything with this blog in a long time. I recently realized though, I've got plenty of cool stuff I could talk about on here, so I'm gonna start updating this blog more often too.