Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Lovely Complex

wow, I never did a post for this anime? Weird... I saw this one a long time ago at AKON with my sister. We liked it so much we downloaded the rest of it. I recently watched again with a friend here in Japan and she loved it too, brought back good memories of watching it with my sister.

It's about a short guy, Otani, and a tall girl, Risa Koizumi, overcoming their height complex, it's very cute. I think everyone's favorite character is Nobu, Risa's friend who's always cheering her on.

Initial D

I have a friend who says this is her favorite anime, she's watched a ton of times and she's seen street races herself :o

I enjoyed it, the ending was really disappointing though, nothing really happens, just another race. There's a playstation 2 game, it's kinds fun, but not too exciting. The arcade game is awesome, but it's 100 yen per play, so it gets expensive fast, plus I'm terrible at it.