Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Amazing idea for an online fighting game

...or maybe it's only amazing to me, we'll see. I recently saw an add for a new Outspark game that said, "the only cooldown is after the fight" brilliant language, targeting hardcore WoW pvp players, who basically are responding so fast to their opponents it's similar to a fighting game. Anyway, it got me thinking. My favorite fighting game of all time is Smash bros. If someone made an online smash bros with some highly customizable talent tree system, maybe even a ranking system for moves... Or even a move creator, like level creators, like a little big planet of fighting games... That would be insane.

Maybe a move creator is going too far, but talent trees seem doable. I bet there are games out there already that are similar to this idea, but they need to be revamped and marketed to the masses. I hope that happens soon.