Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Alcohol consumption per captia

Fun with Wikipedia.

Alcohol consumption:
Moldova 1st,
Czech Republic 2nd,
Hungary 3rd,
Russia 4th, (They don't call it the vodka belt for nothing).
UK 18th,
Australia 44th,
USA 57th,
Japan 70th.

Czech Republic 1st,
Ireland 2nd,
Germany 3rd,
Austria 4th,
Australia 5th,
UK 6th,
USA 13th,
Japan 35th (highest of any Asian country)

Luxembourg 1st,
France 2nd,
Portugal 3rd,
Italy 4th,
UK 20th,
Australia 25th,
USA 49th,
Japan 83rd

South Korea 1st (makkori?),
Estonia 2nd (vodka?),
St. Lucia 3rd (rum?),
Japan 28th,
USA 42nd,
UK 49th,
Australia 94th