Thursday, October 18, 2012

Incorrect use of thee and thou in video games

Just a quick post about one of my pet peeves in video games, incorrect use of thee and thou (and other archaic English terms and conjugations). Both words mean "you" but thou is used as a subject and thee as an object. Middle English verb conjugation is super easy compared to some other languages I can think of.

I go
thou goest
he, she, it goeth
we go
you go
they go

Second-person pronouns (nominative, possessive, objective)
thou, thy/thine, thee
you, your/yours, ye

English no longer conjugates pronouns, with the exception of "whom" but people hardly use that anymore either. So I get why this mistake happens so much. I guess it's just because I grew up in the Mormon church, so I'm used to hearing these terms use properly. So when "Thee dost dare invade my home!?" pops up in Final Fantasy Dimensions, it makes me cringe.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Summary of Demon's Souls Boss attempts

Demon's Souls

World 1, Boletarian Palace
1-1, Phalanx, (4 or 5 tries)
1-2, Tower Knight (3rd try)
1-3, Penetrator (2nd try with Biorr)
1-4, Old King Allant (3rd try, gave up and used poison)

World 2, Stonefang Tunnel
2-1, Armor Spider   (FIRST TRY!)
2-2, Flamelurker (omg, I lost count in frustration)
2-3, Dragon God (3rd try)

World 3, Tower of Latria
3-1, Fool's Idol (5th or 6th try I think)
3-2, Maneater (10th-ish...)
3-3, Old Monk (FIRST TRY!)

World 4, Shrine of Storms
4-1, Adjudicator (FIRST TRY!)
4-2, Old Hero (FIRST TRY!)
4-3, Storm King (FIRST TRY!)

World 5, Valley of Defilement
5-1, Leechmonger (FIRST TRY!)
5-2, Dirty Colossus (FIRST TRY!)
5-3, Maiden Astraea (2nd try, first time i fell into the blood and got eaten by babies O_o, omg)