Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The World

Incoming flow of conscienceness rant!

The world is wonderful. There is more prosperity, equality, justice and peace than in any time in human history, and as a college educated white male, perhaps I have no right to complain. But complain I will. 

The world is becoming a better place, but at the same time it's becoming a much more complicated place. I am accustomed to living in big cities, but big cities have developed an underclass of people just living to pay the rent and find some measure of happiness in this crazy new world. 

I feel a bit cheated that no one ever told me the world was this complex. I was raised to believe that as long as I read my Book of Mormon and said my prayers, everything would turn out a-okay... Ugh.

I remember scanning a few pages of Thomas Friedman's book The Wolrd is Flat in Target as a teenager and thinking it was too "businessy" for me, that I would be an artist! And such trivial business books weren't worth my time. 

Recently I've been reading the book Why Boys Fail and it suggests that maybe boys should have The World Is Flat as required reading. When I read that it immediately triggered my memory of seeing in Target all those years ago. Perhaps I misjudged.

Something about turning 29 and reading the book Entertaining Ourselves To Death by Niel Postman triggered a big change in my way of thinking. Reading Paulo Coelho's book Adultery only furthered my suspicion that age 29 (the return of Saturn) is an opportunity to have a turning point in my life. I am still more of an idealist and a dreamer, but I have acquired a thirst for real world knowledge.

The problem with learning a lot of history is that you start to see how violent and unpredictable the world is. Where is a safe place to live and raise a family? Is that even something worth doing? What sound investments can I make? 

Stefan Molyneux recently did a video about Ayn Rand. He says that her ideas are kind of freaky to some people. He says it's because of how much western society has fallen away from it's principles, but I have i different theory. I think we are finally realing what hateful bullshit religion is, but at the same time, the ideas that must replace religion, secularism, objectivism, relativism, etc, are pretty scary.

Which is perhaps why I like the idea of humanism so much. Even without religion, we cannot ignore the power and importance of having compassion for our fellow man. But compassion cannot trump honesty. If someone believes in something that is clearly bullshit, like religion, you should tell them the truth. 

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